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My expertise includes strategic messaging development, media relations, media training, internal and crisis communications, small website development, social media strategy, and editorial content creation including long-form writing and podcast production. We work in collaboration with our clients to increase their visibility, enhance their market position, and boost their brand.
Media Relations Strategy and Media Training

Developing and maintaining an effective media relations strategy is one of the most difficult challenges facing all small businesses and institutions, but it is an absolutely critically important part of your overall communications efforts. Targeting the news outlets and journalists that you want to reach is essential, and building ongoing productive relationships with them will serve your institutional objectives. By leveraging earned media placements you can reduce advertising and marketing costs and reach key influential audiences through highly respected and credible sources, reinforcing and enhancing your brand identity.

There is no more powerful digital platform than your company or institutional website. We can help you and your company or organization enhance your brand strength and value among your target audiences by creating a modern, highly-functional, visually compelling, mobile-friendly, SEO-maximized website, serving current users and attracting new ones. We have built websites for Streamline Health Care Solutions, The Stowe LabNorth Shore BoulangerieOutermost Home, Harvard Professor Ricardo HausmannPhoebe's Faces, and the Provincetown Tennis Club

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Digital Content Development and Curation

Captivating storytelling is an essential ingredient for positioning companies and institutions as leaders in their fields and improving website SEO. Strategically-produced content can be re-purposed multiple ways on your printed publications and digital channels, and promoted across platforms, reinforcing your brand identify and unique value proposition. We can create compelling short- and long-form digital content, social media posts, and podcasts to engage your audiences, underscore the impact your company or institution is making, and enhance your brand. 

Internal and Crisis Communications

Your organization's external communications efforts can be greatly compromised or enhanced by your internal communications activities. Ensuring that all internal stakeholders feel connected, informed, and listened to is essential for institutional harmony and success. Likewise, anticipating and planning for reputational risk issues is critically important for both small and large institutions, and reacting quickly and effectively in crisis situations will help mitigate negative impacts and protect brand strength. 

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