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Leslie Loveless, CEO,

Slone Partners

Doug is the consummate professional, having helped me and Slone Partners reach some ambitious communications goals over the past year. He helps me think through our organizational messaging, and the most effective ways to target media to reach the audiences we want to reach. We’ve had placements in the Boston Business Journal, the California Business Journal, Silicon Republic, and STATNews among others. I’m thrilled with everything we’ve been able to achieve together!

Professor David Ellwood, Dean, Harvard Kennedy School (2004-2015)

During my years as dean of Harvard Kennedy School, I had the opportunity to work together frequently with Doug Gavel. Doug has a keen sense for strategic communications, always seeking new and better ways to position the school and its faculty in the media.  He was vital as the school's primary point person with journalists. He worked well with faculty and staff who appreciated his insights and support and was liked and respected by the journalists. He also played a critical role in helping brand Harvard Kennedy School, and using powerful messaging to strengthen the brand over the years.

Working with Doug on a media plan for our research center was a pleasure from start to finish. He provided an exhaustive analysis of our current media efforts, and drafted a detailed set of recommendations for moving forward. He also planned and conducted two, tailored media training sessions for senior leadership and junior researchers, which both groups found enormously helpful in making them feel confident and comfortable speaking with the press. Throughout the process, everything was on time, within our budget, and exceedingly helpful. I would recommend Doug without reservation to anyone who needs support with their communications and media strategy.    


Michael Mosunic,

Co-founder and CEO,

Wolf Hill Group

My business partner referred me to Doug not long after we made the decision to launch a new company. We knew that we needed a highly-functional, user-friendly, and modern-looking website to compete in a very competitive marketplace, and Doug was able to deliver that for us. He is diligent, detail-oriented, easy to work with, and has a terrific eye for design. I would recommend him highly!

 Professor Robert Stavins, Harvard Kennedy School 

Doug Gavel was a remarkable colleague from the first day I had the privilege of working with him at the Harvard Kennedy School. Whether he was writing a web story highlighting new research from the Harvard Environmental Economics Program or joining our team in Paris for meetings of the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements with climate negotiators from around the world, he was always the consummate professional. His writing and broader communications skills are superb, and he is an absolute delight to work with. He made all of the people on my team look better – faculty and staff alike!

Juliette Kayyem,

Belfer Lecturer,

Harvard Kennedy School

As a national security analyst for CNN, I’ve worked with Doug for 15 years in production and prepping. We can be under a lot of pressure given the nature of current events and Doug has always been responsive, supportive and brilliant. He has been instrumental in focusing my commentary, managing the demands of the network and production, and promoting the work of colleagues. In addition, he is just a really great person to work with -- when I lose my cool, he doesn’t.